Shannan Brown

Shannan Brown

School: Thomas Edison Elementary
District: San Juan Unified School District
County: Sacramento County
Region: Northern California
Grade: Elementary School
Subject: English
Award Year: 2011

I see it as my job to find ways to not only tap into students’ potential, but to guide them in seeing it in themselves. — Shannan Brown, from her 2011 Teacher of the Year Application

Ms. Brown has taught for 12 years, mostly in grade five at Edison Elementary. She has also taught English Language Development and has worked at a Group Home for Boys. Shannan has extensive experience in designing and leading professional development in the areas of formative assessment practices and communication strategies.

“My students walk in on the first day, coming from different cultures, countries and family make-ups. Many have come to believe that they are not smart and there is no need to try. Knowing this, I tell them, ‘I don’t care who you were last year. You can be whomever you want this year.’ I have them write down who they want to be in school, with friends, at home. As they finish I say, ‘This is the first day of the new you, welcome to 5th grade.’”

Shannan Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California Davis in 1996, and received her teaching credential from Sacramento State University in 1999.

She currently serves as the Executive Director for the San Juan Teachers Association. She is guided in her work with the belief that the solutions we seek in education will be found by listening to and learning from our students and the educators who support them.