Linda Horist

Linda Horist

School: Nohl Canyon Elementary
District: Orange Unified School District
County: Orange County
Region: Southern California
Grade: Elementary School
Subject: Multiple Subjects
Award Year: 2014

Creative engagement strategies are instrumental to the way my classroom operates and student motivation is paramount to building a foundation for learning. From the moment a student enters the classroom, my message is, “you can do, be, dream and become anything you want to!” Find the joy in learning and you’ll find the joy in yourself. This is the philosophy I constantly demonstrate to my students. — Linda Horist

Horist began her career in teaching in 1978 and has taught second graders at Nohl Canyon Elementary for the last 13 years.

From an early age, Linda had a calling toward teaching. Large family gatherings are where she got her start, often found in the middle of the action, seizing every opportunity to spread the knowledge she had just absorbed from the environment around her.

The family foundation had such a lasting effect on her that it has transferred into the way she has affected so many students throughout the years. Her classroom is modeled after her family, acknowledging that each student has his/her own distinct personality and style of learning. Through enduring connections with her students she aims to instill in every child a love of learning as a foundation to build on for future success.

Dominique Polchow, principal of Nohl Canyon Elementary School refers to Horist as the “WOW!” teacher, “Every year a new community of students and parents is forever changed by the greatness of this truly amazing and spirited teacher. Even before day one, she creates a special bond with her families, calling each student individually the night before the first day of school to personally greet them. Nohl Canyon is privileged to have such an educator extraordinaire.”