Katya Robinson

Katya Robinson

School: West Sonoma County Consortium School
District: West Sonoma County Union High School District
County: Sonoma County
Region: Northern California
Grade: Elementary School
Subject: Multiple Subjects
Award Year: 2020

“I hope that one day the word “inclusion” won’t be necessary and our views around disabilities would just be like breathing; natural and normal, not different. Imagine the world if there was no special education, nothing “special” or “separate.Inclusion is an attitude. It is a view of how we see each other. I would like to think that those specialized instructional strategies we use with special education kids are beneficial for ALL students. ”- Katya Robinson

Katya was born and raised in Sonoma County, California and graduated from Sonoma State University with my Special Education credentials. Katya has been teaching children with moderate to severe disabilities for 15 years while opening a Nonprofit and Directing the Epic Athletes Program, a program for people with disabilities to access sports and educational opportunities around Sonoma County. There are currently over 120 participants in the program and 75 volunteers which she teaches volunteer behavioral interventions and assists the coaches with curriculum.

Katya has a passion for supporting people with disabilities and advocating for equal access using universal design and inclusion strategies. She believes instead of viewing a student’s short falls, we need to start celebrating individual progress and understand that we all progress at different rates, different levels and in different ways, as well as the fact that we all learn differently. “To be inclusive, individual progress, no matter how little or how much, should be celebrated.”

Katya Resides in Sonoma County California and continues to teach through the West County Consortium.