Kathy Marvin

Kathy Marvin

School: Jeffrey Trail Middle School
District: Irvine Unified School District
County: Orange County
Region: Southern California
Grade: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Subject: Science
Award Year: 2010

I inspire my students to become scientists by giving them the opportunities to be scientists now so they can experience discovery in its rawest form and feel the awe of it. — Kathy Marvin

Ms. Marvin has been teaching for 39 years in Irvine, CA. She is known as the science teacher who blows tiles out of the classroom ceiling during her lesson on how surface area affects reaction rates — one that students don’t soon forget. In fact, Kathy Marvin is a master at engaging students and promoting science education that is collaborative and entertaining. “Having taught more than 7000 students over the course of 39 years in education, I recall that when I started teaching, I thought the most important thing I had to teach were concepts and standards. Now I know that the most important thing I can contribute to my students is a joy of learning.

My greatest accomplishment is the successful inspiration of my students, not just occasionally, but for every student, every day,” she wrote.

Ms. Marvin was chosen to teach Harrison Ford about climate change for the Emmy winning documentary, The Years of Living Dangerously. Here is a link to their video titled, Harrison Ford Goes Back to School: https://youtu.be/q_Fs4MyM0AU

Kathy R. Marvin is a 2010 Orange County Teacher and a 2009 Irvine Unified School District Middle School Teacher of the Year. Although she is now retired from classroom teaching, she keeps busy by helping coach teachers new to education and being a keynote speaker.


Enjoy this free, content rich, engaging, Halloween themed science assembly that was created for students because of this restricted Covid Halloween. This video is commercial free and appropriate for all ages. After clicking play, please click “Watch this video on YouTube”.

Created by Kathy Marvin, CATOY 2010 for teachers and families.