Kadhir Rajagopal

Kadhir Rajagopal

School: Grant Union High School
District: Twin Rivers Unified School District
County: Sacramento County
Region: Northern California
Grade: High School
Subject: Math
Award Year: 2011

My ultimate goal everyday is to get students to master the objective I have taught during class before they leave my room. — Kadhir Rajagopal

Mr. Rajagopal has taught for seven years. He has taught Algebra I and Special Day Class in mathematics and English-language Arts. He has also taught and tutored at Berkeley Alternative High School and two Oakland secondary schools.

“I put more emphasis on students’ mastery of key concepts than simply racing through concepts. I teach with the belief that my students’ lives depend on their success in my class. If my students fail, I would feel like I am a doctor who has failed his patients. If they fail, I fail. This belief is at the heart of my teaching.”

Kadhir Rajagopal earned a Doctorate in Education from Sacramento State University Sacramento in 2010, and holds an Administrative and Special Education credentials. He earned a Master’s degree in Education from the University of San Francisco in 2005 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California Berkeley in 2003.