Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

School: Middletown Middle School
District: Middletown Unified School District
County: Lake County
Region: Northern California
Grade: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Subject: Science, Technology, English, Math
Award Year: 2011

Balancing four preps, teaching six classes, leading the Botball (robotics) club, and acting as junior class advisor are my everyday jobs at our small town high school in Northern California. Science and introductory engineering lesson design, kindergarten through 12th grade, is a talent.

Guest speaking on motivational and curriculum development topics is a way I give back to the educational community.

I am a practicing educator, a California Teacher of the Year still active in the excitement, hardships, and rewards of being a teacher in the classroom. I work with engineers and artists in my community to bring real-life learning to my students. I help middle school science teachers develop engaging lessons and have my high school students share projects with nearby elementary students. I also stay current in my own education.

I recently earned my Master of Education in STEAM from University of San Diego. I attend workshops and classes presented by others and I lead them myself. I present topics in science education within my district and county, and give motivational speeches at schools, meetings, and conferences.

I live in Lake County and work for the Middletown Unified School District.