I’Asha Warfield

I’Asha Warfield

School: Frick Middle School
District: Oakland Unified School District
County: Alameda County
Region: Northern California
Grade: Middle School
Subject: English
Award Year: 2013

“It is my aim that students are able to use their life experiences and connect them to the world through analysis and evaluation. Simultaneously, I hope that with the skills they develop they are able to look beyond their own experience to critically and creatively engage in this world.” — I’Asha Warfield, from her 2013 California Teacher of the Year Application

I’Asha Warfield has taught English and reading intervention, and world history at Frick Middle School since 2000. She also works as a coach in the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment program to help guide new teachers through their self-assessment process in order to clear their California credential. Warfield serves as a representative in Frick’s Instructional Leadership Team to help assess the instructional needs of the school through data analysis and teacher feedback. She also works as a consultant to the Bay Area Writing Project that presents teacher trainings on secondary literacy with an emphasis on writing. Her prior experience includes working as a consultant with the California Reading and Literature Project; a corps member advisor at Teach for America Summer Institute; a collaborating teacher at the University of California, Berkeley and Mills College; and an assistant language teacher with the Japanese Exchange Teaching Programme, Miyagi, Japan.

“Ms. Warfield has an innovative way to ensure her students are learning, by having them write down their own daily learning targets,” said Tom Torlakson. “Then she uses these learning target sheets to evaluate whether the students master the lesson that also helps inform her of how well she is teaching. This constant cycle of evaluation keeps her students learning and keeps herself at the top of her game.”

Ms. Warfield earned a Master of Science degree in Education at California State University, East Bay; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology at Occidental College. She earned her Single Subject—English Teaching Credential at CSU, East Bay; and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at Patten University. Warfield received numerous accolades, including Oakland’s Honoring Our Own Secondary Teacher, Oakland Teacher of the Year, and Phi Alpha Alpha Outstanding Teacher awards.