Corrie Traynor

Corrie Traynor

School: Barrett Ranch Elementary School
District: Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District
County: Placer County
Region: Northern California
Grade: Elementary School
Subject: Math, English
Award Year: 2017

Corrie Traynor is an elementary teacher with 25 years of hands-on experience. Corrie currently is an Instructional Coach in the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District. She specializes in teaching at-risk students, English Language Learners, and conceptualized mathematics.

Influenced by her passion for the arts and community, Corrie was highly dedicated to her drama club which she co-founded ten years ago at Barrett Ranch Elementary. Corrie is the DCJESD 2016/2017 teacher of the year, Placer County 2016/17 Teacher of the Year, and the California 2017 Teacher of the Year. Corrie exudes a passion for teaching and for her students that is unwavering and founded on the core belief that all students can be successful with supportive adults in their lives.

Growing up as a Dyslexic student gave Corrie a unique perspective into the world of struggling students. This experience led to a personal belief: “Students don’t come to us successful but all students have the potential to be successful. Educators must develop a growth mindset and believe that all students, no matter their background, can find success with the right supports in place.”

Beyond her classroom, Corrie is a consummate professional who contributes to a healthy school culture, so students and teachers thrive. For instance, the Associated Student Body, led by Corrie, ran a kindness campaign, which spread positive messages and challenged students to commit an act of kindness each day. Corrie has served as grade level leader, coordinated and facilitated school talent shows, volunteered at PTA fundraisers, organized school-wide performances, and directed the school drama club.

Even more, Corrie has taught teachers how to effectively incorporate Common Core math strategies through a 5-week district-wide training program that she developed focused on mathematical mindsets and conceptualized mathematics learning. With her district Educational Services team, Corrie plans and implements staff development for her school district. She has helped to execute district-wide Restorative Practices, RTI/MTSS processes, GLAD strategies, and Professional Learning Communities.

Whether effectively running the school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program or implementing district-wide services, Corrie is a mentor for her team members and serves as an educational resource to district administration and teachers.