Brenda Barreras

Brenda Barreras

School: Good Hope Elementary School
District: Perris Elementary School District
County: Riverside County
Region: Southern California
Grade: Elementary School
Subject: Multiple Subjects
Award Year: 2020

Brenda Barreras is a 2020 California Teacher of the Year. She first came to the United States alone as a 16-year old English language learner. That life experience has uniquely prepared her to pour herself into the lives of students entering her classroom with similar backgrounds for the last 23 years. Brenda Barreras has grown the parent programs for students of English language learners from one parent to large groups invested parents in all aspects of the school while building a foundation of connection between students, families, and the school. She has started a successful Newcomers Program at her school.

“Ms. Barreras has used her own personal experience to inspire students to succeed. As she has demonstrated, public education is the cornerstone of our democracy and changes the lives of our students for the better,”

“It is an honor to represent teachers from across California. I see incredible teaching and incredible learning experiences every day in our schools. There is no other place I rather be than loving and connecting with my students”

Brenda Barreras enjoys talking to other professionals and parents on the many ways to improve parent participation in schools as well as strengthening ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee). She resides in Perris California together with her daughter and husband.

Readers can contact Brenda Barreras my email: