Angel Mejico, Eh.D

Angel Mejico, Eh.D

School: El Cerrito Middle School
District: Corona-Norco Unified School District
County: Corona County
Region: Southern California
Grade: Middle School
Subject: Arts
Award Year: 2019

Mejico has taught for 19 years and is currently teaching visual arts and the Art Academy at El Cerrito Middle School in Corona, California. She teaches art to 450 students each year to general education, English language learners, accelerated students, and disabled and special day-class students. In addition, Mejico has taught at both the middle and high school levels in the subject areas of biology, oceanography, natural science, physical education, the Corona Norco Unified School District alternative educational program, STAR, and as a teacher in the Opportunity Program.

Mejico did not begin her journey in the classroom but previously attended medical school. She realized she wanted to be a teacher and followed her heart to “do no harm” not in a hospital, but in a classroom. Since making the switch to education, Mejico has founded the Art Academy and an annual Art Expo at El Cerrito Middle School with students, staff, and the community which has extended globally. Each April, the Art Academy creates the Art Expo which is a culmination of all subject areas on campus featuring a 1,000-piece art exhibit and a performing arts concert. Her students create art for the silent auction where money generated from this event is donated each year to various causes to DO MORE in our ECMS and local communities.

Within the walls of the Art Barn, Dr. Mejico not only teaches life skills through art, but incorporates STEAM to expose students to possible avenues to follow their dreams and their passion today and tomorrow!

“I immerse students in technology: cinematography, animatronics, projection mapping, light boards. Art opens their eyes to alternative world views. It explodes in them, driving them to be great in everything they do using new ways to do it. Art is in everything! I teach the child, not just art. Art is the path to introduce life skills. Each day I encourage students to work hard but not to forget to Enjoy the Ride!” —Angel Mejico